Flixify the premium online video streaming service

Premium Quality Episodes and Movies 

I am using Flixify video streaming website for the last 1 months. That site was excellent and HD quality with the fast streaming, So far, Flixify looks and works amazingly. From a new user point of view, the site is very well made, easy to use and navigate, and has a ton of great features.

Amazing User Experience:
Your user account information is easy to see and understand.  One feature that I find especially handy, is their calendar. This shows you all the episodes coming out this week on TV and highlights the ones that Flixify will be hosting on their site, and any that are not highlighted are shows they currently are not up to date on, or not hosting at all.

Latest Episodes/Movies:
They upload episodes/movies as they are released on tv, so there is no waiting for the whole season to be released like on Netflix. They have nearly every major TV show from standard cable networks, Netflix originals, HBO originals, Hulu, Amazon, everything. They even have shows all the older shows I loved and had forgotten about. On top of that, they have hundreds of the latest movies in excellent HD quality.

How can I get premium access for free?

There are literally tons of ways you can get premium access for free. If you look at our Quest page, all the ways to earn are explained as well as how much premium time you get for completing each task. You can get extra premium days at https://flixify.com/account/quests  by completing our simple tasks, get up to a year of free subscription. I recommend trying this website you will get free seven days access and submitting quest you can extend that duration of service up to 1 year.

Website: https://flixify.com

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