Upgrade Conga to Version 8.X

Conga Upgrade Process Step by Step. Do not uninstall current version of Conga Composer. First identify which version of Conga Composer org is using if it does not start with 8 it means you are still using old Conga Composer & you  need to upgrade it.


  1. Login into Salesforce.
  2. Go to right top sidebar & click on menu bar and select AppExchange.Conga Upgrade To V8 Step 2
  3. Search for Conga Composer & click on Conga Composer tile.

    Note: Choose the appropriate environment while you are upgrading Conga Composer either Production or Sandbox.

  4. Click on Get It Now button.
  5. Then select login into AppExchange.
  6. Check the box to agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  7. Then click Confirm and Install! login salesforce with the appropriate username & password for the Salesforce instance in which you’re upgrading Conga Composer.Conga Upgrade To V8 Step 7
  8.  Note that the information bar explains that we are upgrading the package while preserving the existing data.Conga Upgrade To V8 Step 8
  9. Conga Composer recommends to Install for All Users. Click upgrade now Salesforce upgrades the Conga Composer and displays upgrade complete when finished or Salesforce sends email to installer email address as shown in below screenshots.Screenshot#1:Conga Upgrade To V8 Step 8_1
    Screenshot#2:Conga Upgrade To V8 Step 8_2Screenshot#3:Conga Upgrade To V8 Step 8_3
  10. Once the upgrade completes successfully. Verify the version of managed package Conga Composer under Installed Packages. If version starts with 8, its means we are at new version of Conga Composer.Conga Upgrade To V8 Step 10
  11. We will see that we’ve upgraded & installed package but there’s one more step to take in order to enjoy the new user interface and template builder. We also need to update our Conga Composer buttons and links. Click the Congo Composer sample button in salesforce Standard Objects.Conga Upgrade To V8 Step 12
  12. Click on Conga Composer button. Highlight it and copy the button or link URL as shown below.Conga Upgrade To V8 Step 12Sample Button or Link URL

    https://composer.congamerge.com?sessionId={!API.Session_ID}&serverUrl={!API.Partner_Server_URL_290}&id={!Account.Id}Note: This is the Conga Composer release 8 base URL that we’ll use when updating the existing.

  13.  Go to existing buttons & links of SObject & update first 3 lines of the button with Conga Composer managed buttons text as shown in screenshot.Before Update:

    Conga Upgrade To V8 Step 13
    After Update:

    Conga Upgrade To V8 Step 13

  14. Repeat 11th, 12th & 13th steps to update any other button or link URL’s.

Important Notes

There are a few things to note when upgrading to this latest release:

  1. If we previously had come to queries installed, then after upgrading we’ll now have two Conga Query tabs. Just Leave it as it is because Conga does not recommend to migrate queries from one tab to another tab.
  2. if you’re a long-time Conga composer customer you may notice that after upgrading we’ll now have two Conga Templates tabs. We don’t recommend migrating templates between tabs just continue to use the Conga templates have used before.
  3. Conga Mail Merge Tab disappears. If we use Conga mail merge installed separately from Conga which is free.

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