Cubicopolis Minimalist Puzzle Coming Soon

Voxel Game Studios has created an amazing puzzle game Cubicopolis-Minimalist Puzzle android game which is now  in Beta Version.

Voxel Game Studios has open invitation for everyone to become a part of testing program for an unreleased version of the Cubicopolis-Minimalist Puzzle app.

As a tester, ‘ll receive an update that includes a testing version of the Cubicopolis-Minimalist Puzzle app. Please note that testing versions may be unstable or have a few bugs.

A perspective puzzle platformer about a cube, fallen from the boundless sky, on a poetic adventure through a dark and bottomless hole of life in a cubic metropolis facing numerous hardships to finally step out of the hole into a world of color and light. It features deadly traps based on illusions of the perspective. Each world is populated around cubes which are suburbs of the larger metropolis.

Send your feedback to Voxel Game Studios using the contact information: Beta Play testing Feedback

Everyone’s feedback will be valuable help to improve the app in upcoming final release.

Minimalist Puzzle - CUBICOPOLIS

Having a unique perspective manipulation puzzle solving mechanism as a core feature

Portraying a whole new cubical world with a minimalist style where a fallen cube fight its way back to color and light.

Through cubical world from pitch black hollow land and heated inferno, to the fallen cities and Cubicopolis.

Complex structures using simple machinations of the cubic world

Beta Release Date : New Year 1, Jan 2016.

Initial release will be for Android devices only.

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